Why Arab Falcon

Why Arab Falcon

Transporting large number of students and meeting all safety standards is a very complex operation. Schools have serious business of educating and training students and any operation such as transportation would be a major distraction to them.

School transportation is no longer a routine pick up and drop off of students. It has now become a specialized field. The service sectors have seen a revolutionary growth both in terms of quality and delivery. Outsourcing of transport has taken care of both these values. Safety of students and quality of transportation is as vital as Education and Healthcare.

Outsourcing school transportation not only helps the schools but also the parents as they can avail safe and quality transportation for their wards and spares them from the tedious and expensive exercise of dropping and picking up the children by themselves. It reduces traffic on the roads and helps to reduce the number of vehicles at the parking zone of the schools which is unsafe and dangerous for the small children moving around.

Staff Transportation:

Arab falcon bus rental provides safe and reliable transport services to hotels, offices and retail shops for picking and dropping of their staff. We have 14,34 and 50 seater buses to cater different demands.